Resources (Videos, Exhibits, and Other Online Resources)


American Islamic College

American Medina: Stories of Muslim Chicago (digital exhibit)

Fazlur Khan: Structural Artist of Urban Building Forms (exhibition website)

“Growing Trends of Halal Food in Chicago” (Medill Reports video)

Su’ad Abdul Khabeer, “Hip Hop Matters: Race, Space, and Islam in Chicago” (City and Society)


Arab Indianapolis

Edward E. Curtis IV, “Indianapolis’ Ahmadi Muslims in the 1920s and 1930s” (Invisible Indianapolis)

Edward E. Curtis IV, “Indianapolis’ Homegrown Islam: The Moorish Science Temple of America” (Invisible Indianapolis)

Edward E. Curtis IV, “Indiana’s First Mosque? Syrian Shi’a Muslims in Michigan City”

Indianapolis Imam Warith Deen Muhammad Community Collection (digital resource)

Muslims in Muncie (documentary film produced at Ball State University)


“Mother Mosque of America” (C-SPAN video)

“The Mother Mosque of America” (National Park Service)


“I Am Muslim: Bander Almohammadi” (Kansas City Star video featuring a University of Kansas law student)


An Impact Report of Muslim Contributions to Michigan

Arab American National Museum

Arab and Muslim American Studies at the University of Michigan

Building Islam in Detroit (digital resource)

Dream Storytelling Project (Detroit Muslim Storytelling Project) (digital resource)

Halal Metropolis (digital exhibit)

Malcolm X in Lansing (digital resource)

Michigan State University Muslim Studies Program

University of Michigan-Dearborn Center for Arab American Studies  


“Big Somali Community in Minnesota Observes Muslim Religious Feast” (Voice of America video)

The Muslim Experience in Minnesota (short documentary film produced by the Islamic Resource Group)


“Aisha Sharif on Her Experience as a Muslim in Kansas City” (Kansas City Star video featuring a Longview Community College professor of English)


“Malcolm X House Site Omaha” (National Park Service)

North Dakota:

“A North Dakota Prairie, Home to One of America’s First Mosques” (Voice of America video)


The Islamic Center of Greater Toledo: Celebrating the History of Northwest Ohio’s Muslim Community (digital exhibit)

“Islamic Center of Greater Cleveland” (Encyclopedia of Cleveland History)

South Dakota:

“Syrian in Sioux Falls” (Ottoman History Podcast)


“Muslim in Madison” (Madison Magazine)

“Muslims” (Encyclopedia of Milwaukee)