The goal of Muslims of the Midwest is to provide a digital archive that documents some of the varied experiences of Muslims in the American Midwest through testimonies across generational, gender, geographical, socio-economic, and ethnic differences.

Muslims of the Midwest is housed at Michigan State University and was largely funded by a University of Illinois Humanities Without Walls grant. It was also financially supported by the Michigan State University Muslim Studies Program.

Our team of Big Ten Academic Alliance researchers include the following scholars:

Su’ad Abdul Khabeer, University of Michigan (American Culture; AMAS)
Asma Afsaruddin, Indiana University (Near Eastern Languages & Cultures)
Emine Evered, Michigan State University (History)
Stephen Gasteyer, Michigan State University (Sociology)
Salah D. Hassan, Michigan State University (English)
Mohammad H. Khalil, Michigan State University (Religious Studies; Muslim Studies)
Mara Leichtman, Michigan State University (Anthropology)
Nadine Naber, University of Illinois at Chicago (Gender & Women’s Studies; GLAS)
Junaid Rana, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Asian American Studies)
Leila Tarakji, Michigan State University (English)
Chantal Tetreault, Michigan State University (Anthropology)

Many of the interviews were filmed by Jared Milburn. Maryam Kashani also served as a videographer.

Many of the interviews were edited by Jared Milburn. Other editors include Donté Smith, Shane Heath, Isaiah Johns, and Mika Byar.

The Muslims of the Midwest website was created and edited by Stephanie Walker and Darrell Williams. Other editors include Donté Smith and Mika Byar, both of whom played significant roles in finalizing the website. This project was supported by the efforts of Kate Sonka and Daniel Trego of the Michigan State University College of Arts and Letters.

Edward E. Curtis IV, Sally Howell, and Geneva Wiskemann offered helpful suggestions as we were developing this project.

All photos were found under free royalty at CreativeCommons.org.

A special thank you to all of our interviewees. We greatly appreciate your time and willingness to share your stories.